VisTool Virtual Radio Studio Environment

Virtual. Reality.

The radio studio of today is not the future. But you already know that. You’ve used productivity tools on your tablet and smartphone, and thought, “This is so easy and natural. Why can’t we run our radio studios with an app like this?” Congratulations: now you can.

With VisTool, your operators finally have single-point access to all the tools they use daily. VisTool’s rich graphical GUI is instantly understandable, because it works the same way tablets and touchscreens do — intuitively, with control right at your fingertips.

Control freaks, unite.

Another remote-control app? Nope, VisTool is much more. Imagine a custom on-air cockpit, with call screening info, codec commands, loudness meters, timers, alerts, and other essential information, all rolled into one beautiful screen. Then, add control. Control of content delivery systems. Mixing functions. Routing. Streaming. Even devices with Web browser interfaces are right at home.

The power of touch.

Why are touchscreens good for radio? One word: immediacy. Touch makes operations faster and more intuitive, reduces complexity and adds context-sensitive, predictive control. Aviation, IT, banking, logistics and other industries that require split-second control have all proven that touch interfaces are the perfect way to give operators the right tools exactly when they’re needed most.

Ember+ open logic for all.
Ember+ is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for networked control in the broadcast community. Like AES67, Ember+ is truly free and open. Proprietary protocols let you control a few specific devices, but VisTool with Ember+ gives you command of a huge number of products from an ever-expanding coalition — all driven by VisTool’s insanely flexible drag-and-drop Boolean logic engine. Here’s a list of forward-thinking broadcast companies who are committed to open control standards.

Your window to the world.

Impressed yet? There’s even more: VisTool frames the Web. Things like news feeds. Social media channels. Live video streams. Webcams. Literally anything that’s on the Web or in the cloud is just a touch away. Critical controls and meters remain on-screen, so talent can stay informed and interact instantly with listeners — while remaining focused on their shows.

Clean up the clutter.

Image capture from Swedish Radio’s “Next Generation Project” video – watch here

You might have noticed: today’s studios are choked with displays. There’s a screen for console meters, one for delivery software, yet another for phone queues, chat and Web apps. Talent’s trapped in a pixellated jungle. What if we could help thin that forest?

VisTool can. It consolidates everything, giving talent the all tools they need without the multi-monitor clutter. Which means fewer distractions. Better sightlines. And smoother shows. Some forward-thinking customers are even using VisTool to build console replacements — which opens a universe of possibilities. Controls can be context-sensitive. The console follows the user. Complex operations become one-button commands. VisTool lets you build the console of your dreams.

Build once. Use everywhere.

Your time is precious. Why waste it configuring each studio individually?  VisTool’s stationwide Snapshot Management system takes the pain out of studio configuration. Craft the ideal workspace using any PC (even the one at home). Then load that workspace in your studio — or in all your studios. No files to copy, no parameters to edit; build it once and use it everywhere.

You can even build personal snapshots for talent that automatically load when they log in. Using a different studio than usual? No worries — the workspace remains consistent. Which means you can rest easy, knowing every operator always gets the tools that you want them to have (and none of the ones you don’t).

Get outside the box.

Think VisTool is great for Radio? You’re right. But it’s so versatile, you can use it to build touch-ready GUIs for any broadcast operation: off-site studios, radio and TV remote vehicles, remote video production suites — even TV Master Control Rooms, thanks to flawless integration with Lawo’s VSM video control / monitoring system.

All-access pass.

VisTool is a Chief Engineer’s dream: the ultimate remote-control app. You can view and control every studio parameter, in every part of your complex, from any Windows computer or tablet. Control multiple studios at once: VisTool’s multi-screen capability and touch interface make it incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that many broadcasters rely on VisTool to administer their entire facility.

The ultimate status symbol.

VisTool’s usefulness doesn’t stop at the studio door. It’s a Chief Engineer’s dream — perfect in TOCs, Master Control, your office, or any other place you need information fast. Add VisTool to your station’s AES67 network. Then, build detailed info screens that monitor loudness, confirm router states, meter critical audio feeds, and warn of potential problems. It’s a Virtual Command Center. And you’re the Commander-In-Chief.

Your vision, our tools.

Let your creativity run wild. Vistool’s screen editor and vector-graphic object library is filled with meters, faders, rotary controls, buttons, clocks, timers and more. Put them on-screen, then attach pre-made functions. Or, write custom scripts with VisTool’s powerful logic engine. Build custom screens for everything you do: morning shows, talk shows, interview segments, live performances. Your imagination is the only limit.

Even more tools.

VisTool’s toolkit is crammed with every kind of control you can think of. Button panels. Routing selectors. Audio shaping tools. HTML frames. Video windows. Every kind of meter, from loudness to PPM. Timers. Clocks. All scalable, so they look fantastic whether your touchscreen size is S, M, XL or OMG. Still not enough? Design and import your own graphics for the ultimate custom workflow.

Get inspired.

VisTool 5.0 is a mature Virtual Radio environment relied on daily by broadcasters around the world. Browse through the gallery below to see a few of the ways Lawo clients are putting VisTool to work.

German. Quality.

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