Meet the Virtual Radio Mixer.


Meet RƎLAY VRX: the world’s first true Virtual Radio Mixer. Not just a screen controlling hardware in a rack somewhere — it’s a real broadcast mixer that’s completely software based. Mixing, processing, routing; all at your fingertips. Works on today’s powerful off-the-shelf PCs and laptops. Able to mix all the audio sources on your PC. And your AES67 network, too. Great in the studio; amazing on the road. RƎLAY VRX is real virtual radio.

Amazingly intuitive.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

Some on-screen mixers are full of more colors, bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. Pretty confusing. We designed RƎLAY VRX to look like something more familiar. You guessed it – a radio mixer. With faders, on / off buttons, bus assignments and other controls right where you expect them to be. Some cool extras, too, like per-fader confidence meters and snapshot recall. No cryptic icons to decipher, or paging through option screens; RƎLAY VRX’s intuitive design helps talent do what they do best: create great radio.

Automatic mixing.

Talent has a million things to keep track of. Especially when producing a talk show, sportscast, roundtable interview or live remote. That’s why RƎLAY VRX8 includes Lawo AutoMix — the same amazing automatic algorithm found on our award-winning Ruby and Sapphire mixing consoles. AutoMix makes it easy to engineer shows like these with RƎLAY, in just four simple steps:

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

Just add sources to the AutoMix bus, and the intelligent algorithm takes over, invisibly riding the gain. You can weight sources too, to give your Host priority and duck other mics, phone or Skype callers, or remote guests. So talent can spend more time creating content, and less time minding meters. Hear it for yourself.

More than just a mixer.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

Yes, RƎLAY VRX is an audio mixer. But it’s also so much more. RƎLAY is middleware — which means it can simultaneously connect to audio hardware, software, and a variety of third-party plugin apps that do the broadcast-y things you want to do. Audio processing apps. Phone apps for callers. Codec apps for remotes. Playout software. Livestream encoders. And many more. RƎLAY sees any and all audio devices and lets you instantly start using them to create. 

Tailored to talkshows.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

Small mixers are perfect in the studio for talk shows, round table discussions and sports broadcasts. So RƎLAY is equipped with features optimized for multi-mic shows, like AutoMix (see above). And Autogain, an ingenious one-click function that optimizes mic gain while talent talks. And VST support for sweetening selected sources. Even four independent mix-minus outputs with talkback for callers, remote hosts or in-studio guests. Consider those talkshows tamed.

Ready for remotes.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

RƎLAY is great in the studio. And it shines just as bright on remotes. Just tuck your RƎLAY-equipped laptop into its backpack, throw in mics and headphones and a Lawo OnAir 4 for I/O, and you’re ready to hit the road. And because your laptop can run codecs, playout, Skype and other broadcast apps alongside RƎLAY, it’s almost like having your whole studio on the road with you.

I/O to go.

RƎLAY Virtual Radio Mixer

RƎLAY’s companion, OnAir 4, is a compact powerhouse, with Mic, analog, digital, GPIO and even a 1GB AES67 / RAVENNA AoIP connection — all in a 1RU package. Perfect for remote broadcasting: it only weighs 5 lbs (2.3 kg). Slip it in your backpack with your RƎLAY laptop and you’re ready to hit the road. Perfect for small or home studios, news bullpens, audio production booths too.


Audio I/O connections
including 4 Mic / stereo line inputs, 4 monitor / HP outputs, 4 stereo line outs, and an AES3 digital input and output.


Studio-grade Mic preamps
with Phantom power. 59 dB of gain adjustment, CMRR >57 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz), EIN −127 dBu @ 150Ω. Sounds amazing.


Independent headphone feeds
Got guests? OnAir 4 features four individual HP outputs with talkback. Individual bus assigns and output gains, of course.

1 Gbps

OnAir 4’s Gigabit Ethernet port connects to your AES67 network — so you can send and receive streams instantly and effortlessly.

Eager to network.

RƎLAY works with PC, local, and AES67 sources

RƎLAY natively mixes audio supplied by apps on your PC. And it’s AES67-compliant too — which means you can also mix AoIP audio streams from your studio network. Or from local I/O devices. And then distribute it to the network for live broadcasting, web streaming, or archiving.

But RƎLAY isn’t limited to in-studio work. It works beautifully on today’s powerful touchscreen laptops, which means you can literally take your studio with you to cover breaking news, conduct interviews, or mix remote broadcasts — and send them back to the studio using a WAN, LAN or 5G link. Just imagine the possibilities.

Sweet suite.

RƎLAY works with PC, local, and AES67 sources

At Lawo, we’re all about great audio. So every copy of RƎLAY VRX includes something very special: the Lawo Processing Suite. VST plugins based on the same tools found in our high-end mc² live-performance mixers. Modules can be applied to any input. VRX8 comes with AGC, two compressors (with and without EQ), delay, expander, limiter, graphic and parametric EQ, and a 5.1 panner. VRX4 comes with compressor, SCF compressor and parametrix EQ plugins. So you can shape, sweeten and squeeze to your heart’s content.

What you’ll need.

Ready to mix it up? Here’s what you’ll need to run RƎLAY VRX8 or VRX4.

  • PC with Intel I-5 or I-7 quad-core CPU or better, with a CPU benchmark 10,000 points minimum.
    (based on ratings from cpubenchmark.net)
  • Dedicated graphics card recommended for improved performance.
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Server 2016.
  • 8GB RAM, 2GB drive space.
  • Gigabit Ethernet LAN connection (preferably PTP-aware).

The rest of the family.

In addition to RƎLAY VRX Virtual Radio Mixer software, we’ve got multi-channel software for PC sound card replacement, graphical, onscreen cross-point routing with DSP processing, and a monitor app for your most critical AES67 streams. Read on to find out about the rest of the RƎLAY Virtual Radio Suite.

VPB Virtual Patch Bay

They said it couldn’t be done: a cross-point patch bay on a PC? RƎLAY VPB gives you unrestricted control over the routing and mixing of audio signals on your computer. Patch inputs to outputs, combine multiple channels, even apply processing. Do more >>

VSC Virtual Sound Card

Good sound cards are expensive. Cheap sound cards make cheap sound. And neither ever have enough outputs. Or connect to your AoIP network. RƎLAY VSC to the rescue: unlock 64 bi-directional channels of stereo I/O — all AES67 standards-compliant, naturally. Read On >>

AoIP Stream Monitor

Your all-AoIP radio station has audio streams, tons of them, flying everywhere. How can you be certain your most critical channels are online and healthy? RƎLAY AoIP Stream Monitor displays stream health, LUFS data, SDP info, and more with a quick click. Dive Deep >>

German. Quality.

Lawo: designed and built by skilled engineers in Rastatt, Germany. Legendary German quality. Premium components. The highest standards. Meticulous precision. Powerful. Reliable. Rock-solid, 24/7. Lawo craftsmen. For them perfection isn’t a goal — it’s a way of life.