VisTool Features & Specifications


VisTool comes in Standard and Unlimited versions. A VisTool Standard license is included with all Lawo mixing consoles and includes a number of standard, preset controls. VisTool Unlimited unlocks the full potential of VisTool and allows creation of custom GUI control screens to suit your specific needs.

VisTool Standard features include:

  • Real-time visualization and control of broadcast audio devices for single- or networked multi-studio applications
  • Intuitive, context-sensitive touch-enabled GUIs
  • Dynamically switch between a full-screen GUI, or docked / windowed mode
  • Networked device control via Lawo DMScontrol protocol
  • Global snapshots for recall of saved settings & screens from any studio
  • Multi-level user rights-management system tied to Windows login
  • Control elements include:
      • Input source selection and parameter controls
      • Meters (VU, PPM, Loudness, Channel, Gain Reduction)
      • Faders, sliders and rotary encoders
      • Comprehensive routing matrix source / destination controls
      • SDI group / stream selectors
      • Clocks and event timers
      • Monitor, PFL and Talkback controls

VisTool Unlimited includes all of the capabilities above, plus:

  • The ability to build context-sensitive custom control screens using Lawo’s extensive supplied graphics library
  • Allows use of imported custom graphics and controls
  • On-screen display of video thumbnails supplied by Lawo V_Line products
  • Internet modules for display of Web-based software / hardware controls and Web pages within custom screen layouts

For even more advanced applications, these feature modules may optionally be added to VisTool Unlimited at extra cost:

  • Sophisticated Boolean logic engine enables building of single-button, multi-step commands
  • Open-source Ember+ control of networked devices
  • Connect to and operate buttons on Lawo VSM control panels

For detailed information, contact your Lawo representative.

PC Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system
  • Core-I5 (or higher) CPU
  • 4GB RAM, minimum
  • CPU benchmark 2,400 points minimum (based on ratings from
  • Video card with 2GB dedicated RAM and support for OpenGL 2.0 or better, with a video benchmark of 1,500 points minimum (based on ratings from
  • Minimum video monitor resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Touchscreen video monitor suggested (optional, not required)

Brochures, Manuals & Downloads

VisTool Screenshot Gallery

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